The most frustrating observation regarding todays political culture is the lack of evidence based decision making, and the apparent emotionality involved in voting. Emotions are involved; however, I want to encourage a movement focused on data and facts. I am not blameless, I am a conservative democrat who has undoubtedly made too many assumptions that were not truly vetted. Daily I see folks from the left and right purport very strong, and aggressive positions that are based on bullet points from CNN, FOX, MSNBC or perhaps based in nothing as all, just a subconscious framework that stems from childhood upbringing, social circles, media, the alignment of the stars or the moon or who the hell knows. No doubt there is a fascinating psychology that could be explored. The point is they are uniformed, unstudied, which equals danger.

Focus on the fact


The Battle Of Bunker Hill

The Battle of Bunker Hill
Patientia Vincit Omnia

The Battle of Bunker Hill.

“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” a phrase made famous during the battle of Bunker Hill. Between June 13 -17, 1775 Colonial forces under William Prescott built a 6-foot dirt hill in an attempt to fortify Breeds and nearby Bunker Hill. The British had in mind to secure the hills surrounding Boston so that they could secure the Boston Harbor. The Colonist did not want to allow the British to achieve this so during the night they constructed the redoubt so that they could prevent the British from gaining control. Ultimately the British prevailed and controlled the hills, however, colonial forces experienced this loss as a victory, and great inspiration! They inflicted heavy casualties on the British. In fact, the Colonial General Greene said “I wish I could sell them another hill at that price”. What do you gain from your defeats? Reading this story makes me realize how many times over the course of my life a loss has been a victory, set backs are opportunities. I can relate most often when I consider sports and my career. Several times I have been waiting to hear from an employer regarding a recent interview, only to be disappointed when I learn I was not selected. I have developed a faith that I am convinced leads me to something greater. Although at the time I thought this was what I really wanted and needed, I know from experience it was not. God had something much greater in store. Today I can accept these setbacks as nothing more than this process working itself out. God has something better in store. My sports example stems from being a competitive tennis player. I can remember feeling defeated when I would lose the first set, feeling that since I had lost the first set I was likely to lose the match. The first time I came back to win the second and third was so significant. It was a paradigm shift, I was now open to the fact that if you lose the first set, the match is not over, you come back and win! I think of these things when considering the battle of Bunker Hill. The colonist ultimately lost, but won! Remember this when you are dealing with Challenge and setbacks. It’s only the first set, the match is not over, you can come back and win!